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RaceKeeper Track

RaceKeeper Track is an app for competitive runners, their parents and coaches who would like to keep information about the runner's meets, races and events. Rather than keeping information in a spreadsheet or in race results that are printed out, you can keep all your race history on your iPhone whether you are a runner, parent or coach.


RaceKeeper Track is great for runners who may compete on several teams or clubs throughout the year to keep all their records in a central repository.

RaceKeeper Track keeps a running race history for each runner entered, a list of records by event for each runner and trends by runner and event to track performance over time. RaceKeeper also allows you to set goals and track how close you are to achieving them.


You can use the stopwatch feature to add new races or also add them manually after the race.


RaceKeeper Track in currently available in both English and Spanish versions


What's new:

- Upload photos of athletes
- Trend charts now display time left to reach goal
- Performance enhancements

- Eliminated nagging messages when notifications are off

- Consolidated Add Race buttons

- Fixed bug with parentheses in meet name

- Minor bug fixes

what's new?

RaceKeeper Swim and RaceKeeper Track, our two new sports related apps are now available on the App Store. We have added some new notification features and social sharing, and the ability to set goals by event. The Trends page allows you to track progress by event and see how close you are to any goals that you've set. If you have an iPhone that supports Force Touch try it out on home screen to access RaceKeeper even quicker.


RaceKeeper is for athletes, parents or coaches who are looking to record race history for competitive swimmers or runners and track their progress over time. We have versions for both English and Spanish, with other languages coming soon.


Look for these exciting new sports apps and more to come in the near future.


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